Coucou, hi, hallo! We’re Zonarch.

Zonarch is a fashion brand that designs swimwear for the conscious consumer. We are reinventing the way we holiday – from our approach to what leisure time means to feeling and looking our best from the inside out. We create luxury swimwear that caters to a wide variety of body types and sizes while offering premium style, fit, longevity, functionality and sustainably focused design, all at lower prices than industry competitors. We pride ourselves in being the best quality to price ratio offering in the market, and pledge to maintain our three quality pillars: quality of life, quality of product, and quality of time, giving our customers exactly what they are looking for as they get vacation-ready.

Our Founder

The founder of Zonarch, Genevieve André de la Porte, is the creative and strategic vision behind the brand. She fuses her extensive experience in building direct-to-consumer brands with her passion for design to create a brand like none other; one that is focused on encouraging quality of life through the garments she produces. Genevieve’s global upbringing has created a unique point of view. Always with a finger on the pulse of culture, Genevieve sees opportunities to create better, more valuable businesses. Hence the foundation for her business philosophy called the Triple Bottom Line where they care for the people they work with, the planet we live on and the prosperity of everyone involved.

Our Product Commitment

Design Perspective

We look our best when we feel internally energized, relaxed and confident. Let’s bring the holiday glow to your everyday style and attitude. We focus on timeless designs with precise cuts and fits that are comfortable, effortless and can be worn by themselves or styled for any moment from sea to city.

People + Planet First

The world doesn’t need more products. We need products that serve a function, offer great design, style, relentless quality and are made in a manner that puts the people who make them first. There is a cost to everything. From day one, we have implemented a series of Our Commitments to rigorous labor and environmental standards which we encourage you to read about below.


Be Warm Not Cool

Our brand mantra. We design products to help you achieve an effortlessly cool look with a warm spirit. As a brand that values diversity as a core pillar, we aim to create products that fit a wide range of different body types and sizes. Our current sizing comfortably fits a US size 14 and up to an E cup size. We are expanding up to size 22 for our upcoming collections.


The À La Holiday Way

Part nudging encouragement to slow down in a fast-paced world and part enthusiastic cry to be curious and open yourself up to the world. The 'à la holiday' way neatly wraps up the meaning and energy we want Zonarch to represent.

For too long, we've ignored the mental toll of what living in this fast-paced world full of distraction and overwhelm is doing to our well-being.


We consistently search the globe for best-in-class sustainable and innovative raw goods and materials. For all custom Zonarch swim solids & prints and lining, we settled on a GRS Certified regenerated nylon and spandex blend, which is matte in finish, super soft, provides sculpting, style and maximum comfort. We know you’ll love it as much as we do. Read what makes our luxurious, planet-friendly materials so special below.